Skeleton Lake

by Shook

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Written by: Shook
Recorded by: Micheal Alsop
Mastered by: Bryan Mason


released March 14, 2013


tags: punk Toronto



Shook Toronto, Ontario

we are shook. we are canadian. skeleton lake.

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Track Name: Hollow
This entire situation is so hard to explain
Where do I begin? You're not the same person that you used to be
This thing we have, it feels so hollow
and I am scared to see what follows
You were always there for me
Can you even count how many times we've argued?
It's like all that never even happened
And now I feel so obsolete
Like my life is incomplete
I might as well admit defeat
It makes me mad to know you don't know enough to care
Why does a thing as such exist?
And why did it happen to me?
You were always there for me
I feel so hollow
So god damn lost
Track Name: Old Homes
It's a battle with myself there's just me and no one else
And all I want to do is find my own way home
it's been so long since I've been here
I'll hold my breath and disappear
in hopes for another home
I'm stranded here all alone
There are voices in my head
That tell me I am dead
That tell me to give up
That I have had enough
I cannot feel distraught
for what I want to do
for where I want to be
Track Name: Ghost
I saw your ghost so far away
And it felt so cold as the leaves decay
I saw your breath after your death
You looked so cold laying in your bed
You left me all alone
You left me on my own
and I see you in the wake
as I sit here by the lake
I saw your face in that same place
and it felt so warm blessed by your grace
I saw your ghost
Track Name: Not Quite Sure
I'm constantly left thinking on my own
That this is where I want to be
So many times I've thought about how I can make that drive
So take a chance on me
This is where I want to be
On the road and finally free
I'm calling out to sea
And I'm not quite sure
What I would do if I didn't take those chances
No I'm not quite sure
What I would do if I was left behind
So many people bring you down
When your voice is calling out
If I didn't take those chances
I would be stored away
In the dark